Snapshot releases

There’s currently no SNAPSHOT release, as all changes on master have been incorporated into the 0.8 release.

Snapshot releases deployed to the repository are fully tested and functional, but may have changing APIs.


Tell sbt about a dependency on ScalaSTM by adding a library dependency to your build.sbt file (or a Scala build file). You will also need to add a resolver that can find the snapshot repository.

libraryDependencies += ("org.scala-stm" %% "scala-stm" % "0.8-SNAPSHOT")

resolvers += ("snapshots" at

sbt update will download the latest scala-stm snapshot JAR and make it available for building.


The ScalaSTM snapshot dependency for your pom.xml is


Make sure you have the snapshot repository available

    <name>OSS Sonatype Snapshot Repository</name>